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Design Your Own High School Experience

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The Life School is a self directed, project based high school in Atlanta, GA

Here, learning is driven by students' interests and goals. Teachers help students pursue their interests and discover new ones through real world projects, professional internships, and lots of field trips

Learn Photography

Code Games & Robots

Where you can discover & pursue your passion

We believe that a great high school education equips students to discover and pursue their interests and goals, not just follow directions.

You're in the Driver's Seat

Education shouldn’t be one size fits all! We listen to your interests, questions and goals, and work with you to design a personalized and agile learning experience.

Learn by Doing and Exploring

Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom or from a textbook. Our curriculum enables you to get out into the world, to create things and make connections.

Develop as a Leader

You will learn more than academics. You will learn how to manage projects and time, how to work in teams, and how to be self directed.

While preparing for life after high school

High School Graduate

Students earn a traditional, accredited high school diploma in a non-traditional and nurturing environment.

College & Career Ready

We work with your family to carefully plan and prepare for your student's next steps after high school.

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