Create your own learning adventure this summer

Create your own learning adventure this summer

Sick of Zoom? Want something more enriching and hands-on for your teen this summer?

Create your own learning adventure this summer!

Our talented instructors will coach your teen to design a real world project driven by their interests and goals.

At The LIFE School, we coach students on passion projects all year round and are opening up this opportunity to students across the U.S. for this summer. We believe that teens are capable of greatness and we love partnering with teens and their families to bring their ideas to life.

Example Projects:

1. Create and code a video game

2. Train for a Half Marathon

3. Create a 200 square foot Community Garden

4. Write a book of 20 short stories

5. Organize a community clean up event for a nearby vacant lot

6. Launch a business with $500 in monthly revenue

7. Launch a YouTube channel and create 10 videos on my topic

What will you create?

Learn more and sign up today!

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